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My mother always reminded me "Never forget where you're from".  Hometown for me was Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  My favorite summer treat growing up was always a New Orleans Style Snowball.  It makes a hot summer day seem miles and miles away.  I would go home during the summers and make it a point to get as many snowballs as I could carry.  I would even ice-pack them and ship them back to my new home in Northern Virginia.  This way I could bring a "little taste of home" back with me.  The drive from Virginia to Mississippi is quite a trip.  Therefore in June of 2007, I started Anita's Frozen Cotton Candy.  I enjoy making snowballs and serving the public with a delicious dessert on a hot summer day.  My goal is to bring a smile to each customer's face with quality service and the cool, refreshing taste of Anita's Frozen Cotton Candy.

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